"A well organized program. The warm up session to practice skills in the whole group is a great way to start. The smaller groups which focus more on specific skills under the guidance of the coaches is also great. Finishing off with a few games is really exciting to watch and brings it all together..."

"The coaches do an amazing job. They are full of energy and are very patient with the kids. Sometimes it can be difficult to teach the kids a particular skill as the younger kids are not always attentive or they may have trouble understanding what they are meant to be doing. On the whole the coaches seem to be able to manage despite the differences in the kids’ abilities and attention spans..."

"The whole package just keeps the kids interested and learning all the time. Our son’s skills and confidence have improved remarkably this year (and it is not his first year in a soccer program!) The environment created by the coaches is also very productive. After the first year at Kickin Goals I find it very hard to fault in any significant way..."

"Really impressed with the quality of the coaching and how well you guys deal with the difficult children who sometimes don’t want to participate – good balance between encouraging participation and ensuring it doesn’t take away coaching time from the engaged kids..."

"Coverage of skills is great. The rotation within the session is also a great idea. My son’s confidence level has grown."

"We feel this is one of the best run clinics for young children..."